Star Match™

Your secret weapon in AI-based spend auditing

Discover fraud, enforce discounts, verify fulfillment, and do everything a million times faster

Shine a light on your spend

Validate spend with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before. Powered by AI, Star Match™ evolves the traditional three-way matching process, allowing you to validate spend using any combination of data from your business systems, terms extracted from unstructured documents like contracts, statements of work, and service agreements, and intelligence from thousands of online sources.

Identify duplicates across systems

After AI scans invoices and expense reports for duplicate spend, Star Match lets you validate those transactions across multiple systems – not just invoice automation, but also expense management – to identify duplicates between your AP and T&E processes.

Verify receipts

Match the structured data from your company’s expense management system to the information AI extracts from receipts, uncovering mistakes such as a $100 meal that is accidentally keyed in as $1,000.

Enforce contracted discounts

Take advantage of discounts that may be buried in your contracts. Star Match automatically compares the discounts on your invoices with those in your contract, whether tiered, annual, or loyalty discounts, discounts based on agreed-upon covenants, and any other types of discount.

Validate complex spend, like contractor invoices

Complex spend like contractors and construction are notoriously difficult to validate, since work and project deliverables aren’t always tracked and aren’t straightforward for finance teams to review. Star Match integrates the data you need to determine whether charges are likely accurate.

Discover fraud

Star Match assists in identifying supplier fraud in invoices. For example, if the address or billing details on an invoice don’t match those in your vendor database, or online sources indicate the vendor’s place of business is a private residence, the invoice could be fraudulent. For expense reports, Star Match verifies merchant names and confirms the legitimacy of each purchase, instantly.

Confirm fulfillment of goods and services

Star Match gives you the confidence that you’re paying for goods and services you actually received. It powers AI-based audits by cross-referencing invoices against extracted contract terms and other system data to ensure you’re being charged for the correct number of items, service hours, work deliverables, or software licenses.

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