Artificial intelligence in spend auditing For Dummies

July 30, 2019

Frankenstein. The Terminator. The Matrix. Once upon a time, the term artificial intelligence (AI) summoned visions of such cyborgs, intent on overthrowing civilization as we know it.

Fortunately for civilization, most applications of AI are far less scary than we initially thought. Think virtual healthcare assistants, financial services robo-advisors, facial recognition on your smartphone, or recommended products in your online shopping cart. These are all AI-powered solutions, and they’re all helping to change the way you shop, take care of yourselves, and conduct business.

For business leaders, understanding AI and thinking strategically about how to incorporate it into your organization are crucial. Many still think of AI as the wave of the future, but the reality is it’s happening right now. If you’re not prepared, your organization may well be left behind.

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