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Personal Expense Detection

Flag personal employee expenses made on corporate credit cards

The Personal Expense Detection App flags employee expense lines that are marked by employees for personal purposes, or for which they are not seeking reimbursement. T&E and finance managers need to know the nature of employee purchases made using corporate credit cards. Even when employees check the “personal - do not reimburse” box on an expense line, auditors benefit from tracking whether those items or services are allowed, restricted, or illegal.

Visibility into spending can also help managers adjust expense policies to meet employees' evolving needs, given the ever-changing nature of the workplace. An item that was restricted by policy yesterday may be a candidate for inclusion today, if employees now need it to do their job and are unable to pay for it personally.

The Personal Expense Detection App gives you complete visibility into how your corporate card is being used, allowing you to optimize your expense policies.

Personal Expense Detection