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Fapiao Authenticity Check

Ensure the compliance of Chinese fapiao expense receipts

Organizations with operations in China are required to submit fapiao with their business-related expenses. The only fool-proof way to ensure that a receipt is authentic is to confirm the Chinese Government Tax Bureau considers it valid per its records.

You can ensure compliance per government records, in addition to tracking data required for compliance, with the Fapiao Authenticity Check App. This App checks the validity of your fapiao receipts by checking their presence in the Tax Bureau’s database via ZBJ’s API service. This App goes beyond AppZen’s Standard Fapiao Validation App which uses four custom models to determine whether receipts have the correct fapiao information on them. The Fapiao Authenticity Check App provides a fifth model that extracts key data required by the Tax Bureau and validates it using the ZBJ API service.

AppZen customers who use this Premium Fapiao Authenticity App do not need AppZen’s Standard Fapiao Validation App, as the Premium App includes all the functionality of the Standard App, and more. Customers who do not want to ensure compliance using the API check on the Chinese Government Tax Bureau’s record may use the Standard App.

Fapiao Authenticity Check

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