Artificial Intelligence

Patent pending natural language processing (NLP) based technology, automates the research that human expense auditors perform



Ensure compliance not only to Travel & Expense policies, but also detect compliance issues with IRS & Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)


Big Data

Analyzes structured and unstructured data like receipt images, credit cards, travel bookings, along with web scale merchant data to detect  spend anomalies in expenses


Industry Specific

Comply to industry-specific or company specific regulatory requirements, using AppZen’s configurable engine


Spend Analysis

Aggregation and analysis of expense spend across merchants and categories to identify spend patterns and opportunities for spend reduction


Automated Receipt Verification

Powerful receipt OCR with manual verification ensures 95% accuracy in data extraction from receipt images. Matching algorithms detect duplicate claims and false submissions

Using Big Data to Automate Expense Report Audit and Compliance
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