Artificial Intelligence for Expense Compliance, Audit, and Fraud Detection

Auditing every expense report costs a lot of money, AppZen saves you money, improves compliance and automatically detects fraud

AppZen automates the research and reasoning that human auditors do and checks for the legitimacy of every item on the expense and assigns it a risk score . Using artificial intelligence we connect web and social data to the actual place, person, attendees, merchants & customers along with using signals from various sources our algorithms assign a risk score to every expense. AppZen can determine if the information that has been provided in the expense is actually valid and provides the details of the fraud that may be associated with the expense

Do you know if you are not auditing every expense report, your company is exposed to the risk of fraud and IRS compliance?

As a financial controller, you probably have set up expense rules and policies and explained them to your employees so that they understand it. Employees create and submit expenses reports, their managers approve them and then your expense report compliance team checks it for policy compliance and fraud.

But thats not enough….employees make mistakes while entering expense reports, they choose the wrong expense categories or enter incorrect & incomplete information or in some cases you may want them to provide additional information when you audit and check their expense reports additional information like say attendee names or customers they met that they met for a particular expense

Introducing Real Time Compliance for Expense Reports, only from AppZen. It’s as if you are watching over the shoulder of the person who is entering expenses and making sure that the information that they are entering makes sense. You are able to stop them, correct them and ask for more information that you may need. Using AppZen’s patent pending intelligent assistant technology, the AppZen mobile app analyzes the information that users are entering and can automatically ask a question and get answers and even ask follow up questions engaging the users in a conversation, so that you always get accurate and complete information for all the expenses thats compliant with the expense policy.

Real Time compliance can be used to implement the simplest of business rules to the most complex expense policies you may want. Because compliance is checked, evaluated and enforced at source AppZen ensures that expense reports are complete, accurate and compliant to expense policies.

Want to save money and protect yourself from Expense Report compliance and fraud risk?