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AppZen’s Workbench Has a New Look and Feel

by September 10, 2018

AppZen customers will notice a few updates to the Workbench user interface (UI) in the coming weeks. Below is the previous Workbench UI.

Now users will see an updated, cleaner, and more intuitive interface within the AppZen workbench:

The new workbench includes advanced filtering options at the top of the page, which will help users find the reports they need faster.

When clicking on the filter dropdown, users will see a list of a variety of categories that can be selected. Depending on the category they select, users can either type a search criteria item (e.g. report number = DX4567W) or choose a predetermined filter option (e.g. Risk Score = High). Users can add as many different search filters as they like; the same search criteria will run across all expense reports.

Additionally, two small changes will appear in the expense report lines. A new logo helps identify the associated risk of a report more quickly, and a new “pending” column indicates how long a report has been sitting in the workbench.

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