June 28, 2017

The State of Enterprise Automation

Jonathan Chizick

As the future of Enterprise Automation evolves, new industry categories continue to emerge. The latest category, coined by our friends at CB Insights, is "Expert Automation and Augmentation Software" - or EaaS.  Wondering what EaaS is all about? Read on and check out the first-ever market map of the EaaS space.  

Expert Automation & Augmentation Software (EaaS), is focused on algorithms and technology that replicate human cognition

In a keynote presentation at the Future of Fintech Conference, CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal unveiled the first-ever market map for this emerging area of Enterprise Automation. AppZen is honored to be featured as a notable example of companies using AI to make Enterprises more efficient.

Check out the full market map below and learn more about AppZen's Artificial Intelligence tool for automated real-time T&E audit here.


CBInsights EaaS Market Map - featuring AppZen
Jonathan Chizick