New and improved UI for expense report details

by Travis Andrade March 18, 2019

We’re excited to announce the release of a more intuitive user interface (UI) helping auditors reduce the time it takes to approve or reject an expense report.

Now, auditors can filter by risk score (low, medium, or high), reference a receipt and audit findings within a single view, and action reports faster than ever before with a more streamlined workflow.

Filter by Risk-Score Within a Report

Previously, the immediate view of the expense report details included the entire risk assessment, including high, medium, and low-risk findings.

Now, to help auditors investigate and verify the potential line items that matter most, the filter will show high-risk line items by default. Adjusting the filter will allow the auditor to view line items with a lower risk score.

Focus on medium and low-risk line times by selecting the different filter options.

Select the drop-down arrow to expand and view all audit model checks within a line item.

Receipts and Audit Findings in a Single View

Previously, auditors had to check the audit findings separate from the receipts. For a more comprehensive understanding of why the audit model was flagged as high-risk, the auditor would select the data icon which prompted a pop-up window to appear. Then to view the receipt, the auditor had to exit the window and select the receipt icon.

Now, auditors will be able to review both the audit findings and the attached receipt in a single view.

Improved Workflow

New quick access action buttons and a split-screen view improves an auditor’s ability to take action on a report faster than ever.

Accessible Action Buttons

Action buttons have been moved to the bottom of the window and remain accessible for auditors to quickly approve or reject a report, no matter how far they’ve scrolled down in a report.

Accessible action buttons

Split-Screen View

Previously, auditors were unable to review the report details after selecting the “approve”, “reject”, or “more actions” buttons. As a result, looking back at the report details for further context required auditors to exit the action window first. Now with new split-screen capability, auditors can view the expense report details while writing their expense report rejection response simultaneously.

Split-screen view

We’re really excited about the new UI enhancements as these improvements will speed up the audit review workflow for auditors, ultimately making it easier to detect and reject financial waste, misuse, and fraud faster than before.

For a more detailed look into all the new UI changes watch our platform tutorial video or take a look at the March Release Notes.

Travis Andrade
Senior Product Marketing Manager, AppZen

Travis is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at AppZen, where he breaks down complicated ideas and makes them easier to understand.

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