Expense Audit
December 21, 2018

New and Improved Audit Management Queue

Travis Andrade

The newest enhancement to our Expense Audit product offers helpful tools to better manage and distribute the audit workload amongst large, complex auditing teams. This ensures the correct auditor reviews reports that are most relevant to their specific skill sets and responsibilities.  

Specialized work queues

Audit teams can now create specialized queues of work to direct expense reports with certain attributes or risk violations to specific reviewers. For example, we have seen a few of our customers create and utilize queues of work in a variety of different ways:

  • Global corporations create separate queues by region
  • Parent companies create separate queues by business units
  • Businesses create a queue to fit certain business initiatives – like the prioritization of expense reports over a certain dollar amount
  • Audit teams create queues based on varied skills and responsibilities – for example, auditors with expert legal knowledge of the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) only want to see reports that have potentially infringed on this policy
  • Auditors need a queue that only shows the expense reports that have been assigned to them

While the use cases for queue creation can vary across an organization's business needs, it helps all auditors stay focused on the reports that require their specific attention. Auditors can view their assigned queues of work by selecting the drop-down arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the workbench. Once a queue has been selected, the auditor will only see the expense reports that fit the set criteria of that queue.

Expense report assignment

Outside of queue creation, expense reports can also now be directly assigned to a specific auditor – this way audit teams can clearly see who is working on what. Assigning an expense report can be done in two ways: the auditor can either self-assign or choose to assign to others.


An auditor can self-assign a report by selecting “Assign to me” within the “Assignee”field on the audit workbench or on the report details. This gives auditors the ability to properly manage their own workload as well as let other auditors know the report is already being reviewed so work is not duplicated.

Auditor Workbench
Auditor Workbench
Expense Report Details
Expense Report Details
Assign to others

Alternatively, a new role is introduced with additional privileges to assign a report to a specific auditor. The role is known as an auditor lead – this team member is responsible for overseeing and managing the audit workload. Designating an auditor lead is a great way to ensure high-risk expense reports are always being worked on and that reports with no assignees are assigned to someone for review within the team.

Assign to Others
Assign to Others

For a more detailed look into all our new audit management capabilities, such as “how to create queues” within AppZen, take a look at the release notes.

Travis Andrade

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Travis is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at AppZen, where he breaks down complicated ideas and makes them easier to understand.