Best practices: Using the advanced filter

by Sang Park March 1, 2019

In the Best Practices series, we’ll dive into specific features of our platform to help existing users get the most out of AppZen. In this blog, we look into the Advanced Filter feature.

The Advanced Filter allows you to tailor specific searches to your needs. If you want to dig deeper into your employees’ expense reports, filtering can be used in a few different ways to improve your existing controls. It gives you the flexibility to analyze trends, look deeper into specific violations, and find patterns of risk or noncompliance.

You can filter on rule name, report name, organization, policy, and more!

How to use advanced filter

Select a filter that you want to apply, fill out the required field as needed, and press the “+” button.

When you are finished, click on Apply Filter, and your filters will be applied to the workbench.

Digging deep into reports to find anomalies

Have a policy where the employee is not allowed to spend more than $5,000? You can combine filters together to look for these.

Another powerful filter a customer could utilize is to search by the specific violation and its risk score. Rule Name (High Risk): Unauthorized Expense looks for any report that has “Unauthorized Expenses” flagged as high.

Perhaps you want to only look for reports that are above $5,000 that were marked as high-risk for unauthorized expenses – you can easily combine the two filters, as shown below.

Another valuable filter that is very popular is searching by report name. Looking for travel-related expense reports? You can do a “contains” filter for Report Name and find reports with the word “travel” in it. After applying this filter, you can look for any anomalies by utilizing policy filters, amount filters or just high-risk reports in general, to ensure compliance is met.

These are just a few of the ways you can dig deeper into your reports to find trends, anomalies, and dig deeper into your data. With advanced filter, you can increase your efficiency and focus on the issues that matter most to your organization without getting bogged down by extraneous information.

Sang Park
Product Manager

Sang is on the product team at AppZen. He likes to brainstorm ideas on how to provide the highest value for customers.

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