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Be like Becky! (with the help of the AppZen Certification program)

by Jay Kreshel October 1, 2020

“I aced it,” quipped Becky, an AppZen Certified Professional, after she completed the technical learning path offered by AppZen University. “This content,” she continued, “was an excellent way for me to not only learn about what AppZen’s solutions can do, but it also lets me show off my knowledge.”

Becky is a T&E manager who recently completed the AppZen Certification program, where she read through articles, watched videos, and passed assessment exams to challenge and validate her knowledge about AppZen’s products and best practices for auditing T&E expenses. 

In a follow-up conversation, Becky told us she started the program in preparation to become her organization’s lead auditor, where she’ll be leading a global team of seven finance professionals.  By completing the certification, she now knows how, when, and why to use AppZen Expense Audit features, such as auditor queues and reject templates. “I had heard of them”, she said, “but the certification helped me to execute”.

And Becky is not unique in that regard. Other recent recipients of the AppZen Certified Professional and AppZen Expense Audit certifications have shown pride in their efforts. It’s a great way to show off your knowledge internally with your growing knowledge of AI, Expense Audit, and AppZen expertise, or even post the certification in your online employment profile if a job change is in your near future!

So, be like Becky and check out the AppZen Certification program. Learn a lot and share your knowledge with other AppZen users. Come see us at AppZen University with any questions. Happy learning!

Jay Kreshel

AppZen Training Manager