Patented artificial intelligence technology captures 10x the amount of T&E expense errors & fraud caught by existing solutions
    Audit 100% of your T&E expense reports in real-time – without adding auditors
    Reduce your T&E expense auditing costs up to 80%


ReceiptIQTM Artificial Intelligence

Patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9,460,155) technology combines computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing to understand the full context of expenses, not just amounts, dates, and merchant names

    ReceiptIQ detects unauthorized charges in real-time from receipt images, boarding passes, travel documents, cell phone bills and any other expense documentation
    Cross-checks expenses in real-time against thousands of external and social sources to determine if they are legitimate and accurate
    Real-time identification of unauthorized upgrades in airlines, hotels and car rentals as well as out of policy claims for hotel laundry, alcohol purchases, cell phone charges and more


Comprehensive Compliance

    Ensures compliance to approved travel spend by automatically checking expenses against approved travel plans and costs
    Real-time detection of compliance issues to IRS, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other regulations
    Easy to configure audit & compliance settings to fit your business

Powerful Analytics

    Powerful big data analytics in easy to understand graphs and charts
    Automatically analyzes employee spending to identify accidental and intentional fraud behavior in real-time
    Quickly understand and analyze your spend across merchants and expense categories

Comprehensive Case Management

    Fast issue resolution with integrated case management within the app
    No need to use additional messaging tools to track issue resolution
    Easily collaborate with end-users to resolve identified issues



AppZen Expense Report Audit seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP and expense management systems, including Oracle, Concur, and NetSuite. Our AI audit engine can be up and running quickly and doesn’t require changes to your existing expense reporting tools.

AppZen works with OracleAppZen works with ConcurAppZen works with NetSuite