Automated Verification

Ensures 100% expense report audit with automated real-time verification of receipts for amount, merchant, and location


Travel Cost Verification

Ensures compliance to approved travel spend by automatically checking expenses against approved travel plans and costs


Artificial Intelligence

Reduces expense report audit costs by using artificial intelligence to automate the research of many human expense auditors


Big Data

Automatically detects spend anomalies in employee expenses claimed across hundreds of thousands of merchants


Compliance Verification

Detects compliance issues to IRS, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other regulations


Spend Analysis

Automatically analyzes employee spending to identify accidental and intentional expense fraud behavior

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Trusted by leading enterprises

How AppZen Works:

Choose your rules

Choose from expense report audit best practices and
pick compliance rules, tolerances, and fraud alerts

Process the data

Extract data from expense reports, credit card data, receipts,
and travel bookings, then process them in our SaaS platform

Audit EVERY expense report

Audit 100% of your team’s expense reports.
High-risk expenses are identified with details of research findings

Catch fraudulent activity

View risk information and fraudulent activity in the AppZen dashboard
or take it back into your expense system/ERP to block payments

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